Don’t Go it Alone – the Indispensability of Close Relationships 


We hear it often-- pastors and other ministry leaders get isolated, lacking close friends.  We as ministry caregivers can also lack the close authentic relationships we need.

Close deep relationships:  why they are essential and how they can be pursued is the theme for this year’s main sessions.

Dr. Genalin Niere-MetcalfComing to help us explore this important topic is Dr. Genalin Niere-Metcalf, RN, MA, PsyD.

Even as a young girl, Genalin felt a special closeness with the Lord and a desire to know Him.  Growing up in the church both deepened her faith and opened her eyes to the challenges of ministry life.  It was these experiences in the church and her personal spiritual experiences with God that deeply transformed her and became a catalyst for her vocational call, involvement in particular ministries and determined how she "moves, lives and has her being." (Acts 17:28)